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Welcome to Youth Strength Building Association

We provide a diverse place for youth to have experiences that strengthen their testimony, build new skills and create memories.

Strengthen today's youth

YSBA exists to strengthen youth by providing a faith-centered environment to help them prepare for the future. Your donation helps us achieve our vision.

Improve our program

We are a small team with big plans and a uniquely diversified property. Every donation helps us to create more activities that are easily accessible and enjoyable for the youth and their leaders.

Create memories

Rope swings, archery ranges, repelling, kayaking or just swimming in the lake, we want the youth to want to come back. Through donations, we are able to build out even more activities that youth can experience and remember.

Your donation helps...


Meet the founders

Since 2009, Rick & Terri Young have donated the use of the 700+ acres of diverse land to youth groups around Utah. Through their faith and hard work, they have created an environment where youth can build testimonies through fun & memorable experiences. 


Book a stay with us

Need a fun, faith-centered, diverse environment to host your youth camp? Contact us now to reserve your dates.


You can help us strengthen youth

YSBA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a diverse fun-filled location that allows youth leaders the opportunity to create a faith-centered environment that strengthens today’s youth and prepares them for the future.

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